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Academic Journals

  1. Daunfeldt, S. O., & Seerar Westerberg, H. (2020). High-growth firms and the labor market entry of first generation immigrants, International review of entrepreneurship, 18(2).
  2. Daunfeldt, S. O., Johansson, D., & Westerberg, H. S. (2018). Which firms provide jobs for unemployed non-Western immigrants?. The Service Industries Journal, 1-17.
  3. Daunfeldt, S. O., McKelvie, A., & Westerberg, H. S. (2017). Whom do growing firms hire? Investigation of new ventures across growth rates and phases. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research37(8), 1.

Working papers

  1. Seerar Westerberg, H. (2014). The Return to R&D and Seller-buyer Interactions: A Quantile Regression Approach (No. 231). The Ratio Institute, Stockholm.
  2. Seerar Westerberg, H. (2021). Are payroll tax cuts absorbed by insiders? Evidence from the Swedish retail industry (No. 20). Institute of Retail Economics (Handelns Forskningsinstitut).


  1. Bornhäll, A. & Seerar Westerberg, H. (2009). Fattigdomsfällan slår igen! – Om somalier i utanförskap i Sverige. Timbro, Stockholm.
  2. Daunfeldt, S-O., Seerar Westerberg, H. (2018). Vilka företag bryter utanförskapet bland utrikes födda? Forskningsrapport, HUI Research: Stockholm.
  3. Daunfeldt, S-O., Seerar Westerberg, H. (2018). Sysselsättningseffekterna av ingångslönerna i Detaljhandeln. Forskningsrapport, HUI Research: Stockholm.
  4. Hidir, T. & Seerar Westerberg, H. (2007). Bistånd eller representation? Timbro, Stockholm.
  5. Bornhäll, A., Daunfeldt, S-O., & Seerar Westerberg (2019). H. Less than 30 percent of non-Western immigrants earn a monthly wage that exceeds 2,000 euro after nine years in Sweden. HFI Notes No. 1, Institute of Retail Economics, Stockholm.
  6. Daunfeldt, S-O., & Seerar Westerberg (2019). Labor-intensive service firms are more likely to recruit unemployed non-Western immigrants. HFI Notes No. 2, Institute of Retail Economics, Stockholm.
  7. Seerar Westerberg (2020). Utvidgning av serveringstillstånd- Ett förslag för att främja restaurangbranschens anpassnings-förmåga och återhämtning efter pandemin. Idéer för ekonomisk återhämtning efter pandemin nr 3, Entreprenörskapsforum, Stockholm.


2014  Econ. Lic., Örebro Universitet.

2012 Master in Economics, Stockholm University.

2009 Politices Candidate, Linköping University.

2004 High School, Gripenskolan.

2001 Exchange student, South Africa


2014-     Researcher, Institute of Retail Economics.

2012-14 Researcher, Ratio Institute

2010-11 Research Assistant, Ratio.

2010-12 Amanuensis, Stockholm University.

2006      Seargent, deputy squad leader. United Nations Mission in Liberia.

2005      Recon squad leader, Swedish Armed Forces


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